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Always create a backup before you update. If anything goes wrong: (1) first write down the issue, (2) downgrade to the previous version (by re-installing it) and (3) send an email to david@chillcreations.com.




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cciDEAL 5.0.8

  • Update database structure in script.ccidealplatform.php to use TEXT instead of VARCHAR
  • Sisow: add exception for order number with Sisow and cciDEAL Links, Sisow does not accept a purchase ID with dashes, which is not mentioned in their documentation
  • cciDEAL Simpel: update redirect to also support sites on subdomains and nested menu items

cciDEAL 5.0.7

  • RSForm Pro: fix issue where cciDEAL Description wasn’t always stored correctly

cciDEAL 5.0.6

  • RSForm Pro: update variable to use correct name so status updates are processed correctly

cciDEAL 5.0.5

  • HikaShop: add extra check for HikShop cart ID in integration, to solve minor PHP notice
  • Convert Virtuemart 3 plugin to support new core conditions in Virtuemart 3.6
  • Add support for Joomla Session in bankform() (as implemented for RSForm Pro plugin)
  • HikaShop return: convert incorrect db->qoute to db->escape
  • Virtuemart & Mollie Klarna integration: round vatRate to two decimals
  • Chill Creations Update plugin: make sure only the first configuration row is taken for getting the download ID
  • Convert RSForm Pro plugin from a HTML form to Joomla Session(s), also fixes issue with latest version of Gantry (RocketTheme)
  • Fix: When users pay via HikaShop Orders > Pay now, the currency info isn’t serialized yet, so check and unserialize in that case
  • Add plugin events onCcidealPaymentNotification and onCcinvoicesPaymentNotification (system) for other developers to hook into
  • Fix syntax error in cciDEAL & Virtuemart language file

cciDEAL 5.0.4

  • Fix: HikaShop, RSForm Pro: update JUri::root() to JUri::root(true) to better support various domains and subdomain redirects
  • Fix: ING Advanced/Rabobank Professional and ccideal_logging, and some other improvements
  • cciDEAL Simpel: Remove redundant $key from extra_texfield processing code

cciDEAL 5.0.3

  • Fix: JavaScript error where “Update” of status in cciDEAL > Payments didn’t work
  • Fix: Bug where statuses weren’t updated in Virtuemart and HikaShop, caused by code that wasn’t needed
  • Fix: Also get extn_id in addorder function, and create exception for ccInvoices so status is updated correctly after payment
  • Fix: PHP notice by changing state of functions _return, _notify and call to ccideal_logging()
  • Fix: “Notice: Undefined index: extn_id in components/com_ccidealplatform/controller.php on line 388”
  • Update redirect to Mollie to 303, to fix “The form times out, please try again”
  • Installation script: when updating drop entire _paymentmethod table for more stable and clean data insert(s), fixes error “43” during update
  • Exclude build.xml from package (in build.xml)

cciDEAL 5.0.0

  • At least PHP 5.6 is now required!
  • This version only supports Virtuemart, HikaShop, RSFormPro, ccInvoices and cciDEAL Simpel!
  • There is no longer support for RD TicketMaster, RSMembership, RSEvents Pro, Fabrik, JoomISP, SobiPro, RSDirectory, redSHOP, Akeeba Subscriptions.
  • Virtuemart:
    • Big conversion improvement: there will now be a lot less redirects after checkout in Virtuemart, so users will go to the payment provider in less steps, and with less distractions! This is a very nice improvement.
    • Important: cciDEAL 5.0 does not support Virtuemart 2 anymore. If you still use that version, use cciDEAL 4.7.
    • Fix no emails after status update
    • Fix emails have no HTML format
    • Minor improvements to Virtuemart language file for cciDEAL (Dutch)
    • Add checks in Virtuemart/cciDEAL payment processing to prevent Virtuemart from creating a new empty/ghost order when an order ID is not found. This is a bug fix for situations where Virtuemart removes a pending order automatically, but for example Mollie still calls the webhook for the payment that belongs to that order.
  • HikaShop:
    • Add option in HikaShop plugin to redirect paid payments to Hikashop Thank You page instead of respecting cciDEAL ‘Messages after payment’ settings
    • Update redirect URL to bankform to better support subdomains
  • HikaShop, RSForm Pro, ccInvoices: Big conversion improvement: there will now be a lot less redirects after checkout in Virtuemart, so users will go to the payment provider in less steps, and with less distractions! This is a very nice improvement.
  • cciDEAL now contains an improved log that can be enabled in the configuration
  • RSForm Pro:
    • Important: cciDEAL now respects the “Show Thank You Message” setting in RSForm Pro. When you open your form, go to: Form Properties > Form info > Thank You Message. See “Form Properties” in the manual. Set “Show Thank You Message” to “No”, to keep redirecting to cciDEAL!
    • Update RSForm Pro submission with the transaction ID from cciDEAL
    • Update RSForm Pro redirect URL so it works in more situations
    • Fix PHP error “A non numeric value was encountered”
  • cciDEAL Simpel (see updated manual):
    • You can now add unlimited fields
    • All forms are fully responsive
    • The form title is now also stored with payment details
    • Shortcode is now {ccideal }, but {ccidealplatform } still works
    • It’s no longer needed to use underscore’s for spaces in text, just use spaces ūüôā
    • A new width=”100%” setting for changing the form width
    • Fix issue with field width in Safari (MacOS)
    • cciDEAL Simpel: update default width for fields to 80%
  • TargetPay/DigiWallet:
    • Many improvements to the TargetPay integration
    • TargetPay: in targetpay_notify() add support for status ‘0000 OK’ besides ‘Success’
    • Also support old TargetPay and new DigiWallet statuses
    • Add new IP address for TargetPay/DigiWallet notify server
  • Sisow:
    • Full review and improvement of Sisow notify process
    • Support more statuses in sisow_notify()
  • Rabo OmniKassa 2.0:
    • Add status processing for Rabo OmniKassa 2 to ccideal_return (ROv2 communicates status via URL)
    • Improve raboomnikassa2_return with a $db->qoute for order_id
    • Rabo OmniKassa: don’t convert order number to int/use regex, fixes it always being 0
    • In ccideal_notify don’t use transaction_id when payment status update is for Rabo OmniKassa, as that account only communicated the transaction ID with the status update
    • Improve integration (_notify, _return) with support for soft status
  • Mollie:
    • Updated to Mollie API 2.0
    • Supports multi-currency in Virtuemart, HikaShop and ccInvoices
    • cciDEAL now supports Klarna Pay Later in Virtuemart with Mollie
    • You can now add both API-keys (test, live) to the configuration, so switching from test to live is a lot easier
    • Improve Mollie notify function for better processing of webhook calls
    • Mollie: add more cache-busting to redirect davdebcom 2019-10-21 09:53
    • For bank transfer payments, set the default dueDate to 21 days instead of 12
    • Many more improvements to the Mollie integration
  • Removed hard-coded email adres from log system (which is always disabled by default)
  • Implement more unique ID’s for payments
  • Status messages: fix bug where wrong status message for pending payments was shown
  • Improvements to ccideal_notify statuses, Rabo OmniKassa and Sisow (transaction id known or not)
  • cciDEAL Links: improve communication of oder number and amount in new Mollie integration
  • Install script: update table format to TEXT from VARCHAR to fix error on install

cciDEAL 4.7.0

Most important changes:

  • Rabo OnlineKassa support: if you are using Rabo OmniKassa,¬†read this manual!
  • Added new Mollie payment methods ING Home’Pay, EPS, GiroPay, Giftcards
  • Improvements to Virtuemart and Hikashop integrations

All changes:

  • ccInvoices plugin: minor improvement
  • Mollie: update minimum amount for Mollie to 1 euro
  • Rabo OmniKassa: Set description as extension public ID for ccInvoices (uses custom invoice number)
  • Also cross-check transaction ID when updating payment in cciDEAL to cancelled or failed
  • ccInvoices integration, minor improvement
  • Improvements to ccInvoices integration (ccinvoices_notify)
  • Update language files for minimum amount (Mollie, Sisow)
  • Remove unused #__ccidealplatform_logs table
  • Edit ASC/DESC to configruation table for Mollie and email
  • Rabo OmniKassa: set cciDEAL description to from RSForm Pro to description, not merchantOrderId (too limited)
  • Update RSForm Pro automatic order number to Ymd instead of YMdd
  • Rabo OmniKassa 2.0: Show errors on site instead of failing silently, so merchants known what’s happening
  • Allow “ALL” to show all payment methods for Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 (convert to empty paymentBrand)
  • Rabo OmniKassa 2.0: Show errors on site instead of failing silently, so merchants known what’s happening
  • Minor updates to administrator/components/com_ccidealplatform/plugins
  • Update database query to #__ccidealplatorm_config to be compatible with multiple rows in table (Rabo OmniKassa 2.0)
  • Rabo OnlineKassa/Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 v3 (added helper file)
  • Add new Mollie payment methods ING Home’Pay, EPS, GiroPay, Giftcards
  • cciDEAL Simpel: make payment ID more unique
  • HikaShop: don’t show payment method selection if there isn’t any
  • Update RSForm Pro redirect URL (wouldn’t work on some servers)
  • Update Mollie endpoint in client to https://api.mollie.com
  • Add language to Mollie notify URL so emails etc sent on payment notification have the correct language
  • Virtuemart, make sure that If CANCEL status has been processed, a message is logged and processing stops.

cciDEAL 4.6.4

  • RD-Ticketmaster/RD e-Tickets:¬†Updated cciDEAL integration to latest version of RD e-Tickets, fixed PHP errors, PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Virtuemart:
    • Full refactor of Virtuemart notify process, making it more stable and allows for better processing of orders when users do not return to the website
    • Use order number instead of order ID in order notes/messages
    • Add note to code about cleaning carts after orders (if users don’t return to the store after payment)
    • Fix PHP errors (PHP 7.2)
  • HikaShop:¬†improved the clearing of carts after paid payments

cciDEAL 4.6.3

  • HikaShop:¬†implement new way to clean cart after payment is completed, hopefully more stable than previous implementation.

cciDEAL 4.6.2

  • HikaShop:
    • Refactor and other improvements to HikaShop integration
    • Bug fix:¬†removed unused code that could update System > Order Statuses incorrectly (and stop cancelled payments form changing stock etc)
  • RSEvents Pro: remove unused code
  • Updates language strings
  • Fix PHP notice “Undefined property: Mollie_API_Object_Payment::$state”
  • Fix PHP Notice for $itemID

cciDEAL 4.6.1


This is a very important update for users of ING Advanced and Rabobank Professional. Please read this manual before you update. 

  • Update to new certificates for ING Advanced and Rabobank Professional
  • Save old certificates for ING Advanced and Rabobank Professional

Other changes

  • Virtuemart: PHP 7.1 compatibility, fixed “A non-numeric value” error
  • Virtuemart: hide “Please wait, redirecting” message by default
  • RSForm Pro plugin: PHP7.1 compatibility, fix for “A non-numeric value encountered” error
  • Fixed a PHP notice “Object of class JVersion could not be converted to int”
  • HikaShop: improvements and bug fix to onPaymentNotification in plugin

cciDEAL 4.6.0

Updates for RSForm Pro, ING iDEAL Basic, TargetPay, RD E-Tickets, TargetPay and Virtuemart!

  • ING iDEAL Basic: improve stability and add support for cciDEAL Links –¬†cciDEAL Links manual
  • RSForm Pro: fix layout issues for iDEAL and MisterCash payment plugins
  • RD E-Tickets/RD Ticketmaster: set default payment method for the plugin to “All”, so for example Mollie will show all available payment methods, not just iDEAL
  • TargetPay: Update to iDEAL API v3, many improvements incl. better bank selector, easier test mode. If you use a template override for cciDEAL & TargetPay ‘Select bank page’, remove it!
  • Virtuemart: extra check to make sure correct status is processed

cciDEAL 4.5.7

  • Mollie: Added support for KBC/CBC-Betaalknop!
  • TargetPay: remove old/unused code in integration

cciDEAL 4.5.6

  • Added¬†better payment logging,¬†saves to logs/ccideal_log.txt, features: log to file, log to email, added timestamp, added more log messages
  • HikaShop & Mollie:¬†improved integration and fixed bug that kept some notification emails from being sent
  • HikaShop plugin:¬†removed @ so we can see PHP errors in the error log
  • PHP 7:¬†updated PHP constructors to support PHP7 style (will be deprecated in the future)
  • RSForm Pro:
    • Added cciDEAL description support to¬†RSForm Pro Belfius plugin
    • Added cciDEAL description support to¬†RSForm Pro MisterCash plugin

cciDEAL 4.5.5

  • Rabo OmniKassa,¬†optimised payment method preference selection
  • Temporarily adjusted Mollie minimum amount to 0.13, pending more extensive fix for minimum amounts per payment method
  • Rabo OmniKassa,¬†also check for Seal in response message from Rabo OmniKassa
  • Better handling of amounts and comma’s/dot’s for¬†cciDEAL Links

cciDEAL 4.5.4

  • Virtuemart:¬†update VMPAYMENT_IDEAL_PLEASE_WAIT in plugin language file to not have iDEAL in the text but “payment system”, most payment system’s support other payment methods too!

cciDEAL 4.5.3

  • Hikashop:
    • Switched to no base URL in redirect form for cciDEAL, because customers would set the URL incorrectly in Joomla config which would cause issues for the payment processing
    • Allow a preferred ID (order ID or order number) for bank statements for payments (supports HikaShop & Mollie for now)
    • Add check that description_id_reference is set at all before assigning it
  • NEW: cciDEAL Links, payments directly from a link,¬†see manual
  • Minor code improvements, re-structure and added comments
  • Add explanation comment to test payment code in bankform function
  • Mollie:
    • improved Mollie notify script with more secure database query (less issues in the future!?)
  • Virtuemart:
    • Fixed a big where completed payments were not prcessed correctly
    • Improve process for ABN AMRO Easy, not redirect to VM more often
  • ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy:
    • removed old SQL to add log entry
    • make sure more data is given back via urlError (failed payments)
  • PHP 7:
    • convert from $this-> to self:: in other functions
    • convert function statuslayout to static
    • revert a few function’s back from static, convert from $this-> to self:: in other functions
    • remove PHP 4 style constructors in RSForm Pro payment plugins
    • update public function to public static function
    • fix PHP error with¬†ING Advanced & Rabobank Professional

cciDEAL 4.5.2

  • ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy: removed old SQL to add log entry
  • ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy: make sure more data is given back via urlError (failed payments)
  • PHP7 fix: convert from $this-> to self:: in other functions
  • PHP7 fix: convert function statuslayout to static
  • PHP7 fix: revert a few function’s back from static, convert from $this-> to self:: in other functions
  • PHP7 fix: remove PHP 4 style constructors in RSForm Pro payment plugins
  • PHP7 fix: update public function to public static function
  • PHP7 fix: error with ING Advanced & Rabobank Professional

cciDEAL 4.5.1

  • Mollie API: updated mb_strtolower to strtolower as this could cause issues on some servers
  • Added links to Mollie.nl to configuration
  • cciDEAL Simpel/Content plugin: fix bug in experimental support for multiple extra_text fields
  • Add more log messages to the payment process
  • cciDEAL Simpel/Content plugin: fix issue where extra fields where not saved
  • Updating $_SESSION to JSession for Joomla 3.4.7 compatibility
  • Solution for session destroy in Joomla/Virtuemart etc when people leave for iDEAL
  • Bug fix, escape content that comes from RSForm Pro before inserting it into cciDEAL Payments table

cciDEAL 4.5.0

  • RSForm Pro & Mollie, TargetPay, Rabo OmniKassa
    • RSForm Pro & TargetPay, add support for custom descriptions, see http://www.chillcreations.com/manuals/ccideal-platform/290-adding-ideal-to-rsform-pro#extra-custom-description-rsform-pro-to-mollie
    • Added and updated language strings for Payments overview (and RSForm Pro Submission text)
    • Payments UI improvements, show “RSForm Pro Submission” description close to submission ID when article_extra_text is RSForm Pro Submission ID
    • RSForm Pro, added extra explanation, no code changes
    • RSForm Pro, added Belfius payment plugin (new payment method supported by Mollie)
    • RSForm Pro & Rabo OmniKassa, custom descriptions now also supported with Rabo OmniKassa payments – http://www.chillcreations.com/manuals/ccideal-platform/290-adding-ideal-to-rsform-pro#extra-custom-description-rsform-pro-to-mollie
    • RSForm Pro, add custom description to cciDEAL > Payments overview¬†– see http://www.chillcreations.com/manuals/ccideal-platform/290-adding-ideal-to-rsform-pro#extra-custom-description-rsform-pro-to-mollie
  • TargetPay
    • TargetPay, added my own cacert.pem because (a) webhosters have outdated versions on their server and (b) TargetPay is too lazy to add one to their client themselves.
    • TargetPay, improved handling of multiple payment methods (specifically fixed RSForm Pro + TargetPay iDEAL bug!)
    • TargetPay, save TargetPay transaction ID to cciDEAL Payments database table as soon as the ID is known (before customer leaves the site)
  • Mollie
    • Add support for new Mollie payment methods Belfius, paysafecard, SEPA-incasso
    • Added logging message to Mollie layout (in ccideal view)
    • Mollie optimizations for notify URL, set to format=raw & try to disable gzip, hopefully fix most incorrect “Status betaling doorgeven niet gelukt” messages
    • Mollie optimizations, save Mollie ID before payment, better check for status in Mollie notify, added more log messages
  • Virtuemart
    • Virtuemart, get and add language code to cciDEAL url, to make sure the current user language is always saved and used (especially important with¬†Rabo OmniKassa)
    • Virtuemart, get and add language code to more Virtuemart URLs during payments so stores more consistently stay in the users language
    • Virtuemart 2.6,¬†remove contents from cart after completed payment (already fixed in VM3 plugin)
  • HikaShop, the payment plugin can now process payments in all currencies supported by Rabo OmniKassa, it is the users responsibility to select the correct currencies for his/her store.
  • Payments overview:
    • Payments overview, improved column widths
    • Payments, combined Extension and Extension ID columns, moved User ID column to “Extra info”, created link to user from User ID
    • Payments, combined Extension and Extension ID column (I think it more logical that way and saves space in the payments table)
  • Convert a few changed SQL statements back to format that works better for Joomla, make sure new rsformpro_ccideal_description is still added
  • Make sure administrator language file is also loaded in the site
  • Integrations view, removed J2Store plugin from view, currently not supported
  • Optimized language string to “Bericht bij geslaagde betaling” instead of “Bericht na bestelling” which might be confusing
  • Fixed useless errors in configuration when error Joomla reporting was set to “maximum”
  • Fixed potential bug where cciDEAL would get only configuration row with ID 1, when it should always get the latest row
  • Fixed bug in AKSubs notify process where incorrect users where ¬†being activate after payments, thanks Vincent Verhoeven of buro26.nl
  • Installation script, automatically move module language files from component to module
  • Mollie, Sisow, TargetPay, hardcoded redirect URL parameters for a more stable experience on some servers
  • Improved ternary condition for log message logging_paymentmethod to be simpler
  • Improved logging message for “Start payment”, also show order number when it’s a test payment
  • Added log message to register the view and layout in bankform function/page
  • Added condition to payment method log message to make sure “not set” instead of nothing is shown, if user did not chose a payment method
  • Added “iDEAL logos 2015” image
  • Fixed bug where payment method was not always set correctly in components/com_ccidealplatform/controller.php
  • Added more log messages to controller.php (site)
  • Added another log message to ccideal.php model (site)
  • ING Advanced/Rabobank Professional Testform, removed a typo “>”
  • Updated default short text for pending payments to better reflect that the payment is indeed pending
  • Fixed issue (only in dev version) where status would always be “Failed” on return because a silly typo made by me
  • replaced some tags to in plugin XML files
  • Rabo OmniKassa, implemented better way to get current user language and send to Rabo OmniKassa during payments
  • Added more log messages during payment processing (disabled by default)
  • Akeeba Subscriptions 4¬†only: changed from including FOF to F0F (rename of library by Akeeba)
  • Integrations view, corrected paths to¬†RSMembership and RSEvents¬†XML files to collect versions (fixes false “Update” button)
  • Configuration view, add explanation to test payment button so it’s more clear what the button does
  • Integrations view: added “cciDEAL Simpel” to Content plugin in integrations view so it’s more clear they belong together
  • Added check to make sure the entered Download ID is correct (used regular expression), otherwise show warning (new and updated language strings)
  • UI improvements: improve configuration view layout and text (updated and new language strings)


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